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Why do YOU Dualboot 2 OS?
I do it because i use both linux and Windows alot for developing stuff.
I know your name........

JOHN CENA!!!!!!!!!!
The first time I dual-booted was to experiment with Linux while still having my Windows install. I don't typically dual-boot these days with both OSes on the same disk. I'll typically use Windows for games and Linux for tweaking.
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I dual boot, because I like to game alot, and Linux doesn't really support too many games at the moment. So Windows wins there. I've recently started getting into the fine tunings of linux and linux-y programming. As a result most of my development has shifted towards Linux, but I've always loved having an additional choice.
Also, I love Ubuntu, because its simple sometimes to install Applications using Apt-get Install and windows you have to download a .exe from a website. That's Another Reason why I Dualboot Windows and Ubuntu
Also, Linux Distros don't have Support for drivers that people May Need is a Downside, and that may mean You Cant run a Bunch of Games.
I know your name........

JOHN CENA!!!!!!!!!!
I've only dual booted to expirement. I tried Hackintosh and different Linux distro's
i first duel booted to edubuntu because it was the os used in school. I recently installed windows 10 with windows 7 to try out the new features of windows 10 without upgrading
I am Groot
I first dual booted just as a test. (It was when I was 11 years old.) I Installed Ubuntu that time. Now I dual-boot linux with windows. I use Kali-Linux since I pen-test my websites (Locally since my net is slow. (I use github repos to keep stuff in sync))
Last year I removed windows though. Used kali for a few months. I added windows back since I need some programs that runs slowly on wine. (Adobe stuff)
I dual boot to learn about newer OS until I can use it fluently. The first time I did it was with Windows XP and Windows Vista. Quite difficult to setup at first.
1st For Learning .
For Development purposes
For Multi Tasking
For Experience Different UI
Some works only do on Windows and Some works only done by Linux OS.
Also a Project base organizations used MAC for work so its need to be ..

Linux is Great for a server .
Windows is User Friendly .

A perfect match of two OS is
Ubuntu Linux
Windows 7 or 8
But you have to be a Powerful hardware to run both OS's
I used to dual boot between Windows 10 and Mac OS X. Since I don't own a Mac (too expensive for me haha) I obviously ran an Hackintosh. I used Mac OS X as my main OS since I like to use it to build web applications. Since it wasn't that stable, I had Windows 10 as backup. Later on I decided to leave OS X and only use Windows 10 again, which is what I do today.
I'm Rick, programmer and Linux addict.

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