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Is using free mass backinking sites bad for SEO ?
Probably google would cut you off for mass back linking. Drops your presents instead of being more present.
First of all links are not as important as 5 years ago in seo anymore. Yes links are still important but many other things like bounce rate, mobile experience, annoying ads, useful contents and many other things are now more important than back links. Bad backlinks are bad for your website but google now is a lot more smarter than 5 years ago and now google can find out whether the bad links are your work or someone else has done them to bring your website down. So today if you get lots of backlinks in short period of time then first of all google will exclude all of those links when scraping the web and then it will investigate to see if those links are created by website owner and if it does then you might experience google penalty.

Anyway there are many better ways than backlinks these days to get better position in search results for example mobile experience is very important and if you easily create a website that is mobile friendly and mobile users can use it easily then you can get a good position in search results easily. The gold key today is content, if you have no content or copied content from other places you should not expect a good position in search results even with thousands of good back links so if you are going to spend any money for mass backlinking then I would recommend to spend this money for creating unique content that is now a gold standard for getting higher ranks in results.

Caring about visitors is another important thing these days, so you should always say to visitors what you are going to do with their data and put it in a right place so they can see your terms and privacy policy easily. And if you see people close your website soon and you get high bounce rate you should use heatmaps to see what is wrong and improve your website and prevent from any wrong keyword in your content to prevent from high bounce rates becuase for google, bounce rate is very important and you will easily get higher ranks if your bounce rate is low.
I think that we have to avoid bulk backlinking because they are using software or bots to create massive backlinks in a short time it could possible considered as a spamming
too many links in a very short time.
Thank you for this information to everyone, I have been backlinking my website in t he past and was wondering why my website was never discovered, now I know and understand why.

I thought they were safe to use and can help you out as a beginner, because I do want to learn SEO later as I am trying to grow my facebook fanpage atm which I think its a really good way to start and make a profitable environment for my website and my ads.
(11-18-2016, 04:23 AM)brigate01 Wrote: I think that we have to avoid   bulk backlinking because they are using software or bots to create massive backlinks in a short time it could possible considered as a spamming
too many links in a very short time.

Well Google already blocks massive backlisting and I think Google doesn't list any of the websites that do backlisting with bots...
I have read somewhere that, when your websites get older you can freely make mass backlincks and google rank will be increased, but I am not sure if it's true.
In same article was also said that, if domain is old low quality backlinks are also useful and you can use online backlink maker programs or even spam bots, any backlinks will affect on your google page rank.

I think best way to get better SEO is making quality backlinks by yourself, exchange links with other similar websites, for example if you have flash games website and using avarcade CMS, it has easy form to exchange links (Flash Games have high CPC on adsense and can be easily promoted in google), adding site on your forum profile/signature, sharing on facebook/twitter/google plus/youtube, posting articles on websites like hubpages or enzinearticles and including your domain under like anchor (statement must be on same content as is your website), or creating project on github (including you like link under readme.md). All links will be dofollow, expect social media links but they affect on seo too. In one month you can increase users count x2 or more (depends how much time you spent for seo).
Importand Note: If you are able to choose anchor text, don't write just your domain name, the best anchor text will be main keyword of your website. That's what I wanted to say, hope it will be useful for someone.
You may end up with some very bad links to your site that could cause it to get the attention of people with bad intent. You could also get the attention of Google and Spamhaus in a negative way. It may effect your ranking. As far as I know Google uses a formula for the ranking, and bad links may penalize you.
interesting strategy....you could use with hidden tags or words? or maybe changing the color as the backound or a little font size? this would reduce the risk to be banned from google?
Google will ignore your site when it detects mass backlinking. Even though backlinks are important for SEO, Mass Backlinking is not advisable. Instead make your website mobile friendly , make your site secure with ssl and many other useful SEO tips can be found everywhere
I would say a definite yes to the original question. Those types of links are either useless or can actually cause harm to your SEO. Note, instead, I would focus on guest blogging and improving my social media connections and written material.

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