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Step 1 hour and the activation code has not come to my gmail , any moderator can say me what happens?
Sometimes the activation code takes a day or so (that's roughly how long mine took). Make sure to check your spam folder.

If you still haven't got the code within 24 hours, please PM @Coreyman (the admin) for assistance.
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Yeah mine took a day as well, just wait and look in your spam as well
wow thank you very much , so l'm waiting..
It should be instant. Well at least it should come within few minutes. Strange why it takes over a day. Something to do with mail server settings i guess.
Step 1 day and the activation code has not come to my gmail , any admin can say me what happens?
Have you actually tried to resend the activation e-mail? It could be stuck or got lost. In that case waiting isn't going to help. Try to resend it. Or try another e-mail.
l try with other g-mail but the code not come to my gmail...
I apologize, we were still using mandrill which removed free accounts. I'll be switching this over to sendgrid before the week is over. I'm setting this to closed for now.

Update: I have already signed up for a transactional email service I am just waiting on our account to be provisioned.

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