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Should I use Wordpress for hosting a forum?
Honestly I wouldn't recommend WordPress period! It's so heavy on resources and takes a lifetime to load single pages even with no plugins etc, so then attaching an plugin like bbPress or BuddyPress (which in all fairness do a good job of what they do, just heavy on resources) makes WordPress even worse, I did setup a WordPress with BuddyPress and Kleo theme (though the Kleo theme is currently $64!) for a client a couple of years back and it looked amazing, like really amazing! But there are so many free forum softwares that do a better job, as people are saying if you want a blog/website with an attached forum, and you are not a PHP programmer then the WordPress/BuddyPress approach would work OK. But there are so many options out there right now, like http://www.minibb.com/ is a really liteweight example. And as people are saying setting up a forum isn't something to be taken lightly, especially if you plan on attracting a lot of traffic, you will find yourself being bogged down facilitating the forum or will have to employ a small team or a professional for the constant upkeep or your forum will just fail pretty quickly.
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No.. It's not supposed to be a forum CMS.. you need CMS that support forum chatting e.t.c
According to my last thread, MyBB is the best choice
if you want to host a forum my recommendation is to use Mybb. other than Mybb you can use Phpbb.
Yes , It would be a perfect combination to INTERCONNECT a Wordpress Website to MyBB Forums.I have also made it once, And it looked quite attractive, If your THEMES match in both cases

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