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Should I use Wordpress for hosting a forum?
Try WordPress
if you want you can convert your blog to shopping cart using woo commerce plugin which is available in wordpress
If you need some wordpress plugin for fourums:

BBPRESSWhen it comes to integrating a forum into WordPress, bbPress is handsdown the best plugin for the job. It is built the WordPress way and uses the existing WordPress core to power your forum.
BUDDYPRESSBuddyPress allows you to build your own social network with in WordPress. Just like bbPress, BuddyPress is also an official WordPress plugin. It follows the same coding practices and standards as WordPress.
SYMPOSIUMWP Symposium is an alternative to BuddyPress. It includes social networking features integrated into groups and forums.
CM ANSWERSCM Answers allows you to build a Q & A community on your WordPress site. The basic free plugin comes with enough features to quickly set up a Stack Exchange like forum on your website.

DW Question AnswersDW Question Answers allows you to create a [url=http://www.wpbeginner.com/plugins/how-to-create-a-question-and-answers-site-in-wordpress/][/url]question answer site with WordPress.

BUT! Take care because: 

  1. Spam can get out of control in a forum if you do not setup your forum correctly the first time.

  2. Starting a forum can be very time consuming if you do not know how to setup, install and customize.

  3. Finding the right people to manage your forum can be a huge challenge if you’re not well connected.

  4. Once you start, you can’t just stop if you’re providing support for a product or service.
No, try using http://www.lefora.com they provide free forum hostingbut you will have a sub domain  a domain
Use MyBB or SMF and then find a MOD that can integrate the logins between your WordPress homepage and your forums if you want a dedicated community.

bbPress is the closest you'll get to a forum on your WordPress site, but isn't perfect.
install ip:board for best forum. and download free or buy awesome theme for you forum and upload it on your web ip:board. i have my old clan work but it closed now http://ds-gaming.byethost8.com/ see it awesome

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You can just do a separate install of MyBB and Wordpress then link them using "MyPress"(https://wordpress.org/plugins/my-press/).
I don't know if it works though.

If that doesn't work, AFAIK you can code a custom authorization for mybb to link it to wordpress
If you want then you could but I wouldn't recommend it as there are better alternatives such as MyBB or something else.
Wordpress could be used as a great blog website though.
If you want to host a forum use something like myBB or phpBB. Wordpress is blog engine.
I don't recommend wordpress for making a forum because it is made for something else and using it for making a forum is so wasteful. There are many better scripts like this mybb and phpbb if you want it to be in php and they are working great like what you see in this forum. But if you want to have a more up to date version of forum then there are two great scripts available out there which are really great and have lots of developers. The first one is "Discourse" , it is based on ruby and needs at least 1GB of ram (2GB is recommended) to run properly but it is styled like today modern forums and has many functions for users like sending notification to the browser and etc. The other one is "Nodebb" and as one can guess from its name it is based on nodejs and it is a lot less resource hungry than discourse and it is great with many modern features too. I recommend you to test one of these two if you have a vps and want to run your forum on that.
WordPress is a very good script to create a simple website. It is one of the simpliest to use of all solutions available on the internet. The script as an Open Source should be the first choice for most bloggers,but it can also be successfully used for designing simple websites. However, Operations like removing a date field requires some understanding of PHP language. It is the case for most of such modifications. so using WordPress requires knowledge, and is not recommended for beginners.

Another thing which I don't like about WordPress is that although there are plenty templates available on the homepage, most of them are very alike. It lacks uniqueness. WordPress needs plenty of plugins to be installed. Unfortunately these plugins influence the script's efficiency and not in a good way. Among all the thousands of plugins, most of them have their clones. It means, that any given functionality can be added by several different plugins created by different authors. Sometimes choosing the right one may take quite some time.

Overall, I don't suggest Wordpress. You may look at other options such as MyBB, SMF .etc which are a whole lot better than WordPress, and east to use.

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