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Should I use Wordpress for hosting a forum?
I have cPanel hosting and recently downloaded Wordpress, I find it difficult to edit the pages and the forums just don't look good. Are there any plugins or other cPanel plugins or whatever they are called that I could use to host a forum?
No, you shouldn't use Wordpress to host a forum. Wordpress is a CMS and blog software. Therefore it is totally not thought to host forums. And those plugins that integrate a forum into Wordpress/Joomla are not full forums after all. I mean you wouldn't use a tank vehicle to go shopping, right? You would instead use a real car. So in this case use a real forum software like MyBB, phpBB, SMF, vBulleting and et cetera to host a forum.
If you want to use forum inside Wordpress like using same user base and login then there are several plugins which you can use for this. The best plugins out there are,

01. bbPress
02. BuddyPress
03. WP Symposium (Free version doesn't have all features)
04. Muut (https://wordpress.org/plugins/muut/)
It's simple enough to configure separate installations of myBB and WP, especially with cPanel's installer. If you want to use the same set of login credentials, you're going to have to make some code changes.
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you can easily setup a forum in a sub directory like yourdomain.ext have wordpress blog and yourdomain.ext/forum/ have a MyBB installation to host forums, you can also give your forum a subdomain instead of a directory like forum.yourdomain.ext it would be good.
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It is possible to use WordPress as a forum using a variety of plugins, the most popular, @xdude posted. However, I would recommend setting up an actual forum software. It would offer more than a WordPress plugin can offer, although some of the plugins come pretty close for a small forum.
Ok thank you everybody, I will try out something outside of Wordpress and see if that works out.
I'd say if you want a Forum that is an adjunct to your Blog or Website, and you want it very simple and light there is a plugin for it.  I've experimented with using the BBPress WordPress Plugin together with a Membership Plugin and both work OK for an "add on" forum to a WordPress site.

If you want a serious forum though with all of the bells and whistles like you get with freedomain.club for example, then you need to get a separate script.  Setting up the script does take a lot of learning though, it's a process that is ongoing, particularly for security, and how to get rid of spam.  As well as to keep the Forum active. 

These are the plugins I used successfully with a WordPress test site:
WP Ultimate Member Plugin
BBPress Plugin

The BBPress Forum is very light, but for a very simple discussion forum works quite well.  It should not be confused with having a BBPress Forum on its own without WordPress.  There are limitations on the availability of plugins for BBPress that is part of a WordPress site vs BBPress Forum on its own without WP.
No it woulden't be practical as many people are saying. There are plugins for it but they do not have much features
I've heard "Xenforo" is a good forum host too. You should try it out Wink

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