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Subdomain for enhanced SEO
I recently posted articles about subdomain hosting on freevps.us and post4vps.com

This topic is less relevant to these forums as you also offer free domain hosting which the others do not.

However, for those working on improving site ranking might find it useful to sign up for this or similar services to create a greater online presence through backlinks at multiple top level domains

For instance, an animal rights group, with a TLD of say animal_rights.info could get a subdomain animal_rights.mooo.com that points to animal_rights.info

Maybe you host a blog about movies, but you also run a game server. Instead of having game.my_movie_site.com you could have enemies.strangled.net

Also, if you use this service to host a top level domain you can choose to keep it private or share it publicly with other afraid users, which means other people can build subdomains on your domain which should also increase your organic search ranking.

What makes this service so neat for me is that they have nearly 1 million top level domains to choose from for subdomain hosting.

Also here are the referenced posts for anyone interested: https://freevps.us/thread-8642-post-2012...#pid201269

Also including a link to afraid.org free domain registry. Check it out maybe you'll have a great idea for a subdomain for your site.
At first glance this sort of seems like cheating.
The problem with subdomain registries like afraid.org is that they are overrun with spammers and scammers. This gives them a bad name. While they are fine for personal use, using them to build a website for say a business would be very sketchy.
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First off in your main point I want to say that you raise some valid concerns and you're 100% correct. There is a huge potential for abuse on these sorts of services and plenty of room for error if you aren't careful.

However, I did some checking on google pagerank using prchecker.info

I plugged in 10 names into the checker chosen from the domain registry at afraid.org
Two of them came back with a page ranking of 0/10
Four of them came back with no page ranking (abuse sites blocked by google)
However, I did find 4 worthwhile causes to make my point:

http://www.info.tm  5/10
http://www.gc.to 5/10
http://www.dynet.com 3/10
http://www.ro.lt 3/10

I'm not sure in what context you mean cheating. If I've broken some rules I hope you will elaborate.
"Cheating" I think is referring to SEO engineering, not breaking forum rules Tongue
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Some people think it's cheating to raise animals just to eat them. Maybe they're right. Maybe it's cheating to plop a domain down and have people build sites on your service so you don't have to. Regardless, it's going to happen.

Personally I feel that if giving away free dns makes me happy and my users happy then the challenge for google is not to just ban the entire community because of a few bad eggs but rather to figure out a way to accurately represent in ranking a fair ranking based on what's available.
The problem is that Google is simply not going to listen to a bunch of peons like us. They aren't interested in us unless we but their ads.
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@scath I remember when google was privately owned, before they went public. Their service was really really great back then. They didn't burden themselves with providing all the extra services, they ran what was at the time a revolutionary search engine that produced the most relevant results that had ever been seen.

While the google maps, gps, developers api, I can't say they haven't given anything back to the community. It's great that they provide all these services by far and large for free to the end user.

However, when they started placing ads mixed in with the queries I was mortified. I felt as if someone had scribbled crayons over the Mona Lisa. They had effectively ruined a beautiful piece of technological art. I wish they would put ads in a more tasteful manner rather than trying to deceive users into thinking an ad is a relevant query.
Or at least make ads more relevant to the query... Like DuckDuckGo's ads.
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These are the rules Please read them.
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Google takes sub domain as separate domains. I mean petstore.com and cats.petstore.com are 2 different sites. I didn't even bothered about this first but years back I learned about it hard way. I made this site and put it's forum on a sub domain. Then optimized the main domain. needless to say sub domain took ages to pick up Google PR and even then it was below main sites PR. (Google PR system is long gone)

But having a link from a subdomain which belongs to an authority site can helps. For example backlinks you get from free blogs you made at Blogspot.com, Wordpres.com etc. You do have to optimize these blogs and built link profiles for these too. But still it works great. This is the SEO process known as creating Web 2 properties. Here' a good list of sites to make quality web 2.0 properties.


Anyway it only works if you add unique content for these properties and also do bit of black link building.

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