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Which is your favorite programing Language?


Welp im styding for c++ but i like pawno tho. I used it for my server and it can be really easy to use it.
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I like C#, but its pretty hard for me...
I know a bit of lua and python Big Grin


I really like VisualBasic, it is my favorite language but anyway it is not important what I like, it is important what the employer likes ! In these years if you know javascript & java then you will have a great chance of finding a great work. Anything used in mobile OS and javascript are now the most wanted programming languages.

After Microsoft stopped supporting VB in 2008, I got really disappointed. I was really hoping for a 7th version of VB with many improvements but Microsoft decided to discontinue its support. I learned something from such decision, never spend all of you time just learning a single language because technologies are just coming and going and there is no guarantee that the language you are working with will remain in the market for many years. Instead learn at least two or maybe three main languages, by doing this you can also choose your programming language before starting a project !

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Well you didn't mention one language. And that is Squirrel. I love that programming language. Some other languages I know is PHP, C++, Lua, C# , Visual Basic and JAVA. I am trying to learn Python now. Among them Squirrel and Visual Basic are my first choice. But I love the Squirrel Much than Visual Basic.


1-Aft - Python
2-Tyler - Python
3-nonemu - Python
4-Mort - Mortup (/Javascript)
5-Voltz - Haskell
6-DeCapo - ASM for his own shit
7-Chibill - Java
8-Magic - Java
9-Slugdude - Bash
10-Qwer - Perl
11-Nick - VScript
12-JeremyG - VScript


My personal favorite are HTML and Python (I am not so brilliant ).and lot's of my friends are into Ruby now . Ruby is developed by Yukihiro Matsumoto.
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My favorite programming language for web developing is PHP. I also like HTML but php is way better. For software developing I like python, Visual basic, C++, C#, C. But for gaming purpose Squirrel is my first choice. Then Java and PAWN.


Java and C++, because I'm working on a RPG videogame in Java.
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(05-18-2016, 09:24 AM)Hagrid Wrote: Java and C++, because I'm working on a RPG videogame in Java.

Which video game are you making?? Is it any Multi Player?? JAVA is needed to develop any server on Minecraft.


Hi! For me Java and C++. Java because it is multi-platform and you can easily do many programs for computers/tablets. Unfortunately it's not very fast. That's why I wrote C++ next to Java. I always use it to write programs for competitions where speed counts. Regards.

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