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Which is your favorite programing Language?


C++. Java, Shell Script (Linux only, Windows sucks at this) and PHP.

HTML and CSS are not programming languages.


(02-26-2016, 11:21 AM)Hidden Refuge Wrote: HTML and CSS are not programming languages.

Really? I didn't knew that,but also HTML can be a programming language,becouse some website pages are written in HTML,some in php,but I think HTML is a programming language.


(02-26-2016, 11:44 AM)Dominator104 Wrote: Really? I didn't knew that, [...] but I think HTML is a programming language.

HTML is a Markup Language for Hyper Text. Hyper Text Markup Language = HTML. It is a standard to create websites.

HTML is for the basic structure of a website and its elements while the style sheet language CSS us for all the fency design things we know nowadays. Like dynamic resized background images, round corners or boxes that are cycles, boxes in different sizes and different positions, responsiveness and a lot more. There are tons of CSS frameworks like Bootstrap and et cetera.

HTML is not a programming language. It cannot do anything other than defining the basics of a website like div boxes, lists, pharagraphs and other elements.



See also: eXtensive Markup Language (XML), and JavaScript Object Notation (JSON).
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(02-26-2016, 12:38 PM)Scáth Wrote: eXtensive Markup Language (XML), and JavaScript Object Notation (JSON).

Yes, XML is another markup language. Quite often used to store configuration details of applications, even as databases (but that is not really well) and other things.

JSON is kinda similar. It also stores information that can be used to parse things (again like program configuration files). JSON is pretty cool to use. Many offer it with services like APIs (eg Uptime Monitors) where it replies with a array of the information.

They are not listed in the list in post one and that is good so as they are not programming languages.

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Well if you want to make a list of programming languages I suppose you can add KornShell, Ash, Dash, Bourne shell, Z shell, C shell to that list.

Also don't forget about oldies but goodies: sed, awk, gawk, nawk, vimscript (VimL).

Coffeescript, which is like a close cousin of Javascript. Microsoft's Typescript.

Brainfuck (yes, that's the name of a programming language and it even has a very detailed Wikipedia page).

Just noticed that you have both "Ruby" and "Ruby on Rails" on the list there. Ruby on Rails is just a web framework. Saying that they are separate languages is like saying Django is a separate language from Python, or Laravel is separate from PHP.

I also thought about XSLT but it appears that whether it is a programming language or not is up to debate. As yes, XQuery nearly escaped my mind (I kept thinking about JQuery whenever I came close).

And then there's Powershell (I think Hidden Refuge is not a big fan, but I might have misremembered) which I thought is much better than the command prompt - not entirely sure what the official name of that is... cmd.exe? dos prompt? batch?

Another one from Windows-land: VBScript (.vbs) - you can use this for some file system operation in Windows, and the syntax is quite a bit better than batch/cmd scripts. Here's an example of using VBS to unzip a file.

I suppose you could also include AutoIT and AutoHotKey which are used for automation in Windows.

I think you missed Erlang and Clojure too. oCaml.

Delphi, which is the language used for Dev-C++ IDE.

There's some old school stuff - Assembly, Prolog, Smalltalk, ALGOL. Scheme.

Tcl (I know this from Tcl/Tk for GUI, more specifically through Python's Tkinter library, but I've never used it).

Actionscript for Flash programming (RIP Flash and damn you Adobe for giving up on Flash!!)

AppleScript. Looking at the examples on Wikipedia, seems like the syntax resembles that of SQL.

There are also programs with their own scripting language - like Avisynth, Fallout (the game, that is) though a lot use Lua for their scripting.

On the academic side, Mathematica (Wolfram Language) and Gnuplot has their own programming/scripting language too, and so does Maple.

Looks like AutoCAD has its own scripting language too, though it looks pretty minimalistic.

Up and coming cryptocurrency Ethereum also introduced its own programming language called Solidity. Not quite sure how the system works.

Wait, what was the question again? Oh right, favorite programming language? I'm kind of partial to Javascript and Python now, but that may change in the future.

Basic was my first programming language so it'll have a special place in my heart, even though I don't really remember anything about it.


Even though I know some basics of some of those languages in the list and sometimes use them too I think my favourite is Java.

It's just awesome that it is just so open.
For example the option to write a java program and beeing able to run the same code on a linux or mac is just awesome in my opinion.
You can even use it very good to code programs for your raspberry etc. including the use of analog outputs etc.

It has just a large field where you CAN use it and thats just one of so many reasons why I love Java.

Of course there are moments like in every other language where you just hate it as something doesnt work as you want it to, but most of the time you can just make it work like you want by creating new methods, class, libraries etc.!

And for those who want "drag and drop action" - there are also many different editors like that for Java working with the JSwing library.
But for my taste if you want something serious drag and drop probably wont work for most complex programs... Wink
with best regards,
(mit freundlichen Grüßen,)



My personal favourite programming language is: PHP. I enjoy all programming languages used to create websites (since that's what I specialize in) but I am also enjoying Python a bit. Sadly, I don't know too much about that as I am only learning it in school and that clearly doesn't teach me all too much, and outside of school I'm working on my app development skills. One day though, I will be able to take advantage of the true power of Python! Big Grin


I like C++ pawn and Lua. These are the codes that I am very good at. But I don't have touch with it now since I left the gaming world.


C/C++, Java, and PHP. PHP and Java the most. I've tried Python aswell, but nope.

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