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Social Media Marketing
I'm thinking of creating a website. But before that, surely I need to have established social media account. 

So far, I have create:
1. FB profile that have 5000 friends and thousands other follower(Niche related, which would be nice when I create a FB page).

2. 3 Tumblr account, all created on 16/2/2016 and yet to have followers. 2 niche related(pornographic) and 2 niche unrelated(christianity and weed)

Can you guys suggest any other social media which is easy to promote and have a strong backlink?
If possible, suggest ways how I can establish it, thanks in advanced...
You are not going to get much backlink value from social links anymore. Twitter use their own link shortner service and Even Tumblr recently moved to meta refresher. But social account them selves rank well in Google and also and massive traffic source. Don't focus on them as a backlink source, what you need to do is use them has a traffic source.

Social media presence is one of the many factors used by Google algorithm to rank sites so having presence in as many as main social media sites is a good thing.

Start with FB page (Only what you publish in pages visible only to 5%-7% from your total followers ), G+ business page, A Twitter account, Tumblr blog, Pinterest account and a LIinkedin account. If you are going to make a Wordpress site then you can use the Jetpack plugin to auto post all your new posts into these accounts. But you will have to work on each of these accounts to get more followers.

Also these social media accounts attract different age groups. Twitter and Tumblr is full of Teen and below 30 people. Linkedin, G+ will give you more serious professionals and Pinterest is used by lots of seniors and also females. FB is for all age groups. So you should first decide who are in your niche and target them.

Also there are other places like Reddit and StumbleUpon. These are hard nuts to crack. If you press your luck your domain gonna be blacklisted in no time. Also users are good at burying down anything that looks spammy. So if you are going to sumbit any pages for sites like these make sure those have high quality trending content and no ads what so ever. Keep these pages clean and use those as gateway pages for other posts/pages in your site.

Also another thing to consider it Devices social media users use. More than 75% Twitter / Instagram users are mobile or Tab users. So both your site and monetizing method have to be mobile friendly if you are targeting these social media networks.
All of them using nofollow attribute on links, which is not beneficial in ranking, it's good for direct instant traffic.

Do Not Use Socieal media as your your primary link building techniques.
I'm using Facebook for now. URL's from the Facebook page (especially description) are indexed by Google, as far as I noticed, so it quite boots the traffic to the website. Also, Facebook is the most populated social media platform, so you have a bigger audience to advertise to.
Another nice thing with social media is the way the technology works so well together.

For instance michael, if I'm not mistaken you're running a wordpress blog. I found this on  your index source, a class that isn't apparently displayed in your theme.

'Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur...'

Wordpress is one of the most widely developed open source web programs, and as a result it has neato plugins for pretty much every social media outlet as well as for many other open source projects.

It wouldn't take you much work to set it up so that every post you made on your blog went also to your facebook, twitter, and here, as well as other forums you might be a part of.

I'll be looking into implementing this soonish I hope.
Most social media websites use nofollow links, so while they can generate extra traffic and give you an increased web presense, you will not get increased page-rank on google. The same applies to Wikipedia IIRC. It'll give you traffic, but no good for SEO.
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That's an interesting point. I thought facebook pages used to give some SEO benefit. Honestly the concept of SEO is a very rapidly changing subject and the only way we will be able to keep up is by sharing information.
Some forums also have nofollow enabled on their links too... it's an option for signature links in myBB.
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(03-14-2016, 12:29 PM)Scáth Wrote: Some forums also have nofollow enabled on their links too... it's an option for signature links in myBB.

Having only do follow links might give your web sites life profile an artificial look. So you need to have those too. Specially if you can those no follow likes like high authority sites like Wikipedia. No follow or not social signals are important to SEO these days. Because now Google algorithm does consider social signals as a factor. They no longer ignore the power of social media.

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