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(01-18-2017, 02:19 PM)friendsvps Wrote: Thanks for these replies.

It seems to me that the vast majority of these free sites are very much hit-and-miss. Sometimes you can have a good experience and others not. I've had bad experience with some and when I do a search I find others giving glowing reviews.

The take-away perhaps is, "don't put anything on a free service unless you will not be unhappy to find it gone one day."


You  got it right. Nothing is free in this world. If someone give something free, then he is expecting something, maybe limit your hosting and force you to upgrade plans or steal your data. If you don't really want to be serious at it or you wanna test your skills, free is best. But If you wanna take it to next level, then I prefer you to go for a paid hosts. If you are using free hosting, you have to accept what hosting provider says. But If you are using paid hosting, they have to hear you. The One who spends has the upper hand. I think you got my point. even at a free cheap price, Some Hosts are providing incredible service. I advice you to go for BlueHost when it comes to wp hosting!!
I use x10hosting, unfortunately they block all users who use vpn/proxies to access the site,
Im using vpn because the Internet service provider charged to high for a 2Mbps service or not even near
because downloading a 5Mb video cost me 30-35 minutes to download.
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They provide free hosting only for limited number of countries arent they ? Fortunately there are plenty of other good free hosting providers these days.
I wouldn't call them the best free shared hosting service out there when they just restrict to few countries. There are plenty of other great free shared hosting providers. 2 really good examples are Gagarank shared hosting offer where you only has to make one time 10 posts in their forum and also noUptime.host shared hosting offer which doesn't need anything else but freevps.us membership. Maybe later one asking too much by freevps.us membership but they do that to weed out potential spammers.

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