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The most expensive domain in the world, .rich?
I think I read somewhere that the point .rich is to basically brag about the fact that you could afford it. I guess its cool if you could afford it?
Probably someone who bought the .rich extension who now sells it for tons more but I don't think he suceeded regarding the fact I've never heard about the extension...
Yeah I only heard about this because I was looking for cheap domains. I was hoping some of the newer domain extensions would've been cheaper or free (because of have no money) but I just ended up finding lots of these pre-register for domains nonsense. Which I still do not understand. Half of those never even left the pre-registration phase. I'm begining to think they were a scam.
They actually sold 22, so they made quite the money, with samsung and other big companies buying some of them
Wait seriously? Big companies bought the .rich domains? That doesn't make sense at all. I would expect individuals to purchase it. Not Mult-national corporations. Well you learn something new everyday.

What do you think they did with the domains?
I've seen parked domains that with text: "This domain is for sale for 3900 EUR". Of course, no one bought it.. But in case you wonder if I'm just kidding now - no, I'm not. Here is the proof: http://web.archive.org/web/2014021303060...edrogo.pl/
BTW: I don't see a purpose for .rich domain. What, domain for milionares? Who cares about them besides a fanbase(people that create dumb fanbase are ussually too.. "inteligent" to get out of the facebook)??
well maybe the .rich people get .rich domains because they are .rich....
Don't have that kind of money for a .rich domain..
What The Fu** Man, I don't know who's going to pay 1700 USD for a domain =p If I see someone buying for that price I will say to suicide, man, it's CRAZY. I do not have any word for THAT!
If a domain costs that much It'd better to be pretty damn SEO friendly ... Big Grin
~Do not hesitate to ask for Graphics Designing or Web Designing services!
I'm surprised how much it costs for a .rich domain. I thought it would cost like 200-240 dollars a year, but nope... I was wrong!

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