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The most expensive domain in the world, .rich?
Damn it's expensive. I saw on Gandi that registration/renewal is USD 1769 per year. On name.com it seems like the price is a mere USD 2975.

If I were rich enough to get one, I'd get "iamfilthy.rich". Last I checked that domain name is still available (though "iam.rich" and "filthy.rich" seems to be taken but inactive/parked). What are you waiting for? Get yours now!

p/s: Searched "site:*.rich" on Google but I didn't find any legitimate website except for one that promoting the .rich domain...

p/s2: In the most recent article about this TLD that I came across, the executive director of the .rich registry registered 15 of the 36 taken domain names. Pretty sad.
What on earth... that price is just gonna have to tank if he wants to sell any lol. Maybe a $100 name? Tongue
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This is one of those domain extensions that someone out of the so called "Elite" made for other so called "Elite" people. They just need a domain extension to show off that they are "rich" and that they are the "Elite". However else it might be useful is in the stars. Too expensive for anything serious. Not even Google would bother to pay so much renewal for domains (well, they get them free or something? having their own registrar).
Well, that is what we get for expanding the third-level domain library further. Big Grin

But seriously, there's people that payed for this kind of thing?
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I'm with Namecheap and when I do a search for a .rich domain they all want me to "Make Offer". I did notice that some of the .design domains were $130. WOW. Their .xyz domains are $1 again, and .club domains are $1.88.
i will never pay for that price.. its so pricy

unbelieveable many people still want to buy that link .rich
Just expensive, no using.
I recommend you ".com , .net , .org".
that is quite an expensive domain. i wonder what other expensive domains there are.
I get that the domain is interesting and cool looking but I am NOT dropping 1 grand on a domain name jesus christ.

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