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page ranking
How can i easily rank my page on google or any other search engine, any free software or cheap premium ones that can help guys guys. Idea
(12-16-2015, 01:07 PM)horlardayor Wrote: How can i easily rank my page on google or any other search engine, any free software or cheap premium ones that can help guys guys. Idea

SEO is constantly evolving and what works well for one person may not necessarily work the same for another.  If the topic of your website is already over-saturated with other pages hosting similar content you may find yourself fighting an increasingly difficult uphill battle for page rankings.  Most search engines closely guard their page ranking algorithms and updated them regularly to ensure only the best of relevant results are returned.

Some of the major constants that seem to have remained relatively unchanged over the past few years are :
  • Backlinks, Backlinks, Backlinks!  
    The more a Backlinks your site gets from reputable, highly ranked, and/or trusted sites the more reputable your site is considered to be.  Be very careful when choosing who you let link back to your site.  Toxic Backlinks can do way more harm than good!  Make sure you have a list ready to disavow links than may be dragging down your site ranking.  Recovering from a flood of Toxic Backlinks can be extremely difficult if not impossible once the damage has been done.
  • Relevant Quality Content
    While this one may seem like a no brainer, search engines have gotten wise to web designers over saturating a website with keywords in the hopes of getting a better ranking and ignoring the overall content of their website.  Choose your keywords carefully and don't over do it!  Long gone are the days of gaining a high page ranking by flooding the bottom of your page with keywords over and over.  Not only does this detract from the overall user experience but many search engines punish such pages harshly for abusing excessive keywords.
  • Anchor Text
    Well worded Anchor Text can greatly improve a website's page rank.  When generating anchor text for embedded content make sure the anchor is relevant to the content it links to.  You will do much better using text that describes the content it links to than using generic "click here for more info" anchors.  If your link points towards a site with relevant content you will want your anchor to express this and summarize what it points to.  The best anchors will not only point to relevant content but summarize it with their anchor text.

While the above points are only some of the more important things to consider, SEO is an ever evolving field and like everything else you see online, make sure you do your homework! I've managed to create several pages that quickly climbed their way to the top of Google search rankings within days, but like all things web based I cannot stress enough that monitoring your rankings and optimizing your SEO is an ongoing process.  If at first you don't succeed, so back and research other top ranked pages. It always helps to see how they differ from your site.  Once you've gotten a good look at the competition, try to adopt some of their practices until your page begins to climb the page ranks.  With time and practice you'll soon learn what does and doesn't work when trying to top the charts of most major search engines.

Best of luck with your SEO!  It may seem daunting at first, but with time you'll soon find your SEO practices become second nature.   Smile

PS : I wrote this response in a bit of a hurry.  If anyone else out there has other "best practices" that I missed please chime in!  After all, Sharing is Caring!
To have a good ranking, you should be good to your website, i mean get more users, don't just remove it after 1 year, keep running it.
You need good backlinks such as from .EDU.
Keyword planner is very necessary. Look for keyword that the most sought after and few rivals. And keep posting! Big Grin
Better be careful about Anchor Text. Things have changed a lot. You have to diversify anchor text like 20% main keyword, 20% other keywords, 20% site name/domain name, 20% generic linking words etc.
Just keep posting good content, Links build by you, or third party software is not consider in ranking.
I agree content is King, and especially current content. One needs to add fresh content all of the time to keep Google bots happy and traffic visiting the Website. Also helps to use Facebook and Twitter with guiding people to visit the Website. Easiest is to have a blog attached to the Website, and some freebies to give away now and then.
These days it's 90% about content and that 10% is about backlinks. Unless it's a ultra competitive keyword you can always rank for your keywords only with content. But Content has to be unique. Article should have more than 500 words and keyword density should be less than 2%. You will see your page in SERP within 72 hours. If your keyword is competitive then you need a bigger article and it will take time to push through other pages in same search result.
pagerank is not important anymore these days, page authority and domain authority are the two things that you should care about. for getting higher PA and DA you need to post unique content regularly and avoid any copy pasting even with doing changes to the content because google crawlers are getting smarter and smarter every month. also it is very important to make visitors come back, for example if you give some rewards by contests to the visitors they will come back to your page more regularly. the same thing will happen if your contents are unique and also updating regularly.

I think 50% is the content and other 50% is the way you promote your website. for example these days people waste a lot of their times in instagram, twitter and youtube so if you do not provide pages in these social medias for your website, then it would be a lot harder to keep people interested in your website. posting in twitter and instagram while making some video tutorials in youtube will bring a lot of visitors to your website.
use backlinks services and see this post you will found agood tools may help you https://freedomain.club/showthread.php?tid=2244

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