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Freenom (Free ML/TK/GA/... Domains) WARNING
(01-06-2017, 04:46 PM)friendsvps Wrote: Quixk updare re Freenom.

I had a .tk domain I had forgotten about, and today I got this email,

Dear -======

The Freenom Review Team has visited your website today.
Your domain: ----------------------

We found that the free domain name and/or the website address you used
with your free domain name was not accessible or did not follow the
guidelines set in our terms and conditions.

It may well be that you are still working on the content of your website
and/or using your domain for other means. We kindly request to start using
your new domain soon according to the terms and conditions which can be found at:

In a few days from now we will visit your website again. To prevent domain
hijacking all domains that are not accessible or not follow the guidelines
set in our terms and conditions will be cancelled.

Alternatively, you may upgrade to a Paid Domain. Paid Domains incur a
different set of policies. For example, Paid Domains have no usage requirement.

You can upgrade using the Upgrade tab under domain management for
your domain -----------.

We thank you for using Freenom.

- So, fingers crossed that things may be changing. I think it's worth a try because if they do deliver what they say it would an amazing service. It could be that they have responded to all the criticism and changed their policies. I'll post if anything else happens.


Freenom Review Team

You are right. They also sent me this same email. Despite that my .tk domain is still active.

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