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What OS is the best for game hosting?
centos 6 and 7 are the best for game servers (this is a personal opinion)
Thank you for so many awesome responses! I have made my decision to keep using CentOS 6 as I am very familiar with it! Big Grin
I am glad we could help you decide with your suitable distribution. Of course you can make a query when you need any assistance. Enjoy and good luck! Wink
For Gaming Server?
Debian is best for gaming server.But if you are planning to do anything else than go wiith Ubuntu. Anyway, which gaming server you want to host:?
Linux Servers, Centos 6+ or Ubuntu for some games for the smooth running.
Ill go for Ubuntu. Easy package installing, almost no errors...
In my opinion. Linux Server and CentOS or Ubuntu both are best for Game server.
I personally use Ubuntu because I'm used to using it for everything I host, but I just wish Linux was easier to use, sometimes I don't find everything as straight forward as it seems.
it depends on what game server you're hosting man if you're hosting something like ran online you need windows

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