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Which languages you prefer for development?
Most of the web applications I make are in PHP for the backend and HTML/CSS/JavaScript for the frontend. I really want to learn how to use the Django framework in Python, NodeJS and AngularJS. I feel like I hit a plateau when learning new frameworks / languages but I hope to be able to get past it and be able to do new stuff regarding my projects.
i don't really have many experiences on web development.
but i've learned HTML,CSS,JS,and also PHP for a couple weeks and still learning those.
To be a web developer you must have more than a basic knowledge of HTML and its always good to know a little PHP, but really nowadays you have to get to grips with Javascript, it's just the way forward in the world of web development. Angular.js 2.0 is out and has the potential to put other languages to shame, but learning javscript is not simple like say HTML is. In todays web you have to be ahead of the game, you have to be producing work that is a cut above the rest, if you look around at some of the outstanding work that is being produced by companies like Basilico you will feel like your back in the early days of web design! They are winning awards left right and centre!

I have known HTML for as long as I can remember, which is OK and I can build fairly good websites with HTML5 along with CSS3 alone. But I'm currently learning PHP which is pretty amazing really, but as I say it's all about Javascript, which I am only just coming to terms with, but will, as I always do, throw myself right in at the deep end and learn javascript properly over the next few months, working with Angular.js and Node.js. and such.

My advice is to get a good grip with HTML5 and CSS3 which are both very easy to learn, then move onto PHP and Javascript as its more advanced, and look for and follow tutorials online, especially on youtube as you often get a really helpful guide with spoken references to things, but I would advise you to always check if there is any additional support by the creator of the tutorial as I have found too many times that I follow a video series that is say 10 videos at maybe 10/15mins each one and find that if something goes wrong that you cannot figure out you will want to speak to the author to ask "how do I fix this problem?" and they may not answer you or help you in anyway which will lead to you wasting time and end up being put off as a result of that.
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I have a lot of experience with:
HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript , PHP,Java,C++/C.

I am learning:
Ruby, NodeJS.
(12-30-2015, 05:42 PM)Doug_Lackey Wrote: I really like HTML 5 and CSS 3. I also have started using JS and its very cool

HTML and CSS went smoothly for me but when I the first time hit JavaScript ...
It was everything else but cool. Sleepy
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It really depends on the goal of your software, if you need a software that have intense hardware communications I suggest you use low level languages such as C++. For websites I suggest PHP and Javascript, For general purpose scripting I suggest bash, python and vbs. You would also have to consider the following if the languages is an interpreted language or compiled language for the efficiency of your software
Best is HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript , PHP,Java,C++/C and AngularJS and NodeJs
(10-26-2015, 09:43 AM)iMpulse Wrote: I am learning web development since sometime and I came across various languages for web application development like PHP, Ruby, Javascript, and some more.

I would like you guys to respond on "What are the languages you people use for web development?". 

I would also like you to add some experiences, advices and comparisons related to these various languages stacks.

I'm not programmer. But had made .bat files in past

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