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Which languages you prefer for development?
I really like C++ and Java, although, HTML is a godsen when it comes to web development
I can recommend Python, python can do everything like creating website, making ircd daemons, making applications and many more. The only drawback is that the Python cannot make an operating system. Well, these days many school/institutions are offering python course, and many schools have made it necessary to study this language. I would prefer if you wanna build a website you can use lightweight framework like Django (Django is totally coded in Python). Its pretty simple to make website with those kind of frameworks, in Django you can concentrate more on building the website rather than typing the code. Python support channel at freenode is pretty good, support is provided quite faster and channel looks active almost all the time. You can buy a Raspberry Pi and code application of Python on it and test it there if you have windows and you won't be enjoying removing it. On the Raspberry Pi you can use operating-systems like the Raspbian which already comes with Python and Python3 pre-installed. (Windows sucks while coding on it for me. Tongue) At last I would like to say try python, its pretty user friendly-language. Good luck!
Warm Regards,

Though it is a scripting language, which are inherently slower than compiled languages, I'd say Python is a great all-round language that will run on any platform.
java is good for developers.
It can use very variable area and good for mobile developers too.
But you know more language, more useful.
Have a nice day.
Things are change, but still you need to understand old web development language first like HTML, CSS and Javascript.

Here is what I suggest.

First learn HTML then Go For HTML5 and PHP

First learn CSS then Go for CSS3, Sass or Less.

First Learn JavaScript then Go For Node.js, Angular.js Grunt.js and so on......
I have a lexperience with:

I learning asp.net in c#
PHP, HTML5, JavaScript ,SQL reaches you the basics of creating a dynamic website
PHP, HTML 5, JS, and CSS are the ones I use and know. I heard perl is easy but I don't want to learn it
(04-23-2016, 11:02 PM)De$T_RoYeR Wrote: PHP, HTML5, JavaScript ,SQL reaches you the basics of creating a dynamic website

You're forgetting CSS. It's a mess without CSS.
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I enjoy using extensions and a template engine of regular pages.

For server side, I love coding ruby - its easy and extremely flexible!
For client side, I used to code coffeescript, but due to the recent evolution of javascript to the new ECMAScript standards for 2015 (ES6), I have turned to using ES6 instead, not because I prefer it over coffeescript syntax - coffeescript is way cleaner-, but because coffeescript core team hasn't yet made a transpiler that targets ES6 and they seem to be very slow in terms of ES6 support.
For HTML, I enjoy using the slim templating engine - away with you silly open/close xml tags
For CSS, I enjoy using Stylus, it's the new revolutionary style of styling - well it's kinda aged now I guess.
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