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How to install OpenGamePanel Agent [Ubuntu/Debian]
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As all know the best Free game panel until now its Opengamepanel 
Im making this tutorial on how to install OpenGamePanel Agent on [Ubuntu/Debian with 32bit or 64bit]
So lets start with 

1) Update the VPS with 

sudo apt-get update

2) Upgrate the VPS with

sudo apt-get upgrade

3) Download ogp_agent-3264-1.noarch.deb with

wget -O ogp_agent-3264-1.noarch.deb http://sourceforge.net/projects/hldstart/files/OpenGamePanel/Ubuntu-Debian_Installers/ogp_agent-3264-1.noarch.deb/download

4) Install the package and dependencies, both commands have to be run as root or using sudo:

sudo dpkg -i ogp_agent-3264-1.noarch.deb
sudo apt-get -f install

5) Install libs which its needs in running the agent
Like Compress-perl with : 
sudo apt-get install libio-compress-perl
and Like Extract-perl with :
sudo apt-get install libarchive-extract-perl
                                                                          FOR 64 Bits system only steps 6 , 7 , 8
Note: all of UP for both systems even with 32bit or 64bit..... But steps 6 , 7 , 8 for 64bit if you run 64bit no need for 32 bit to follow steps 6 , 7 , 8

6) add architecture Of 32bits 
sudo dpkg --add-architecture i386

7) Update your system again to install 32bits on your 64bits system with
sudo apt-get update

8) Install 32bits libs on your 64bits system with
sudo apt-get install lib32gcc1


9) Lets get back for both system 32 and 64 bits
start the service and add it to the system startup, the first time you will be asked for a new password, new encription key and if you accept the Steam™ license (root or sudo):

sudo service ogp_agent start

10) Make the agent automatic run with the system startup with :

sudo update-rc.d ogp_agent defaults 30

11) Change the user and group ownership of the agent files to ogp_agent so it can update itself.

sudo chown -Rf ogp_agent:ogp_agent /usr/share/ogp_agent

The init script checks the FTP status and does some settings if needed.

12) After starting the agent, check that is running (root or sudo):

sudo su -c "screen -list" ogp_agent
This command lists the screen sessions, 'ogp_agent' should be there, looks like this:

There is a screen on:
       2848.ogp_agent  (12/12/12 02:15:00)     (Detached)
1 Socket in /var/run/screen/S-ogp_agent.

Of course, 2848 is the PID, so it will be different on each start.

13) To Attach the screen use:
sudo su -c "screen -S ogp_agent -r" ogp_agent
To detach, and back to shell, press Ctrl+A+D.

Well done!
You can now add the agent to the OpenGamePanel , 
Note : Default port for agent 12679 so try to leave this port open for agent!


- More details on installation of agent here : http://www.opengamepanel.org/infusions/p...php?did=49

- Support section of OpenGamePanel : http://www.opengamepanel.org/forum/viewf...forum_id=2

- Request Feature to be added on OGP : http://www.opengamepanel.org/forum/viewf...forum_id=4

- Themes for OpenGamePanel : http://www.opengamepanel.org/forum/viewf...orum_id=12

Enjoy!   Shy
I can see your hardwork for writing the whole tutorial....I thinks its fully tested and working ? Could be helpful for guys who wants this kind of panel for games.
Thanks for the instant vps Freedomain.club.. Loved this great service. Smile
All around good tutorial, but idk what OpenGamePanel is, and somehow not even google bothers to explain it to me...

**Huge quote in case you delete it, which means you did a pretty decent job!**
Hi there!
[Image: 332213.jpg]

It would look something like that ^^

http://www.opengamepanel.org/ << This is the official site of OGP
Please can tell me how to install open game panel with centos ?
Bright Game Panel is much better than Open Game Panel. Brigt Game Panel(BGP) has more features the OGP.
somone can show me the tutorial about how to install opengamepanel on centos 7 with latest version.
(04-12-2016, 03:25 AM)Anik Wrote: Bright Game Panel is much better than Open Game Panel. Brigt Game Panel(BGP) has more features the OGP.

There are certain reasons why OGP is somehow better than BGP.
One of the notable reasons is, it supports several "nodes" to host the game servers. One panel for all nodes. Far easier to manage it that way.
someone can help me. i need help about how to install open game panel on centos 7 64bit. full tutorial.

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