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Poll: What is the most effective ?
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Buying An SEO Package
2 28.57%
Buy Advertisement Space
5 71.43%
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Worth Buying SEO Packages ?
With a budget of 20 dollar you will hardly find a seo package, as seo now a days is quite hard and it requires a lot of writing posting and many such things.
It's never good to buy these 'SEO packages'.
Building SEO should take time, and trying to get yourself to the top by paying is not a easy way to do that.
The best you can do is try to get backlinks down on some forums, and hope people click on your links and view your site.
And no, link blasting and view blasting does not work.

(personal experience + adsense, forget about trying)
I agree that getting better rank in search engines is not easy but if you are buying a seo package then you are surely making a mistake as no one can boost your seo ranking in one day even in one week. I manually do my seo to get a strong rank with other website. Alexa ll help you lot to get a better rank in search engine.
If you cant do SEO then try to contact any experianced person and take advices from him Smile
I don't know why i added this, have a better suggestion for my signature? PM me.
No, I highly suggest that you don't. In some cases, GoogleBot may find out due to e.g. a random influx of visitors. This will cause your website/page to de-rank (defeats the purpose of it, right?).
You are right @doghouch and it also lead to ban your adsense account(if you have any), so its better away from purchasing any SEO package.
I don't know why i added this, have a better suggestion for my signature? PM me.
The chances of penalize is high compare to ranking. Google is pretty smart to understand which links, they need to consider on their algorithm, if SEO package seller building those links from same website, then Google might not consider those links in ranking, also they can penalize your site for heavy uses.

I like to suggest, research yourself, and find out own links strategy, which is know by you only. Smile It is Safe and You can use for your all new website Smile

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