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VIA Credit Sell.
Smile I am selling via account credit.
What is Via?
Via is an app available for android you can use this app to book hotels,flights, buses.
You really find cheap deals there.Also you can book holidays and plan them.there services are good.

All terms and conditions are applicable on via.
Visit via.com for more info.

Total account points- 200

Selling - 1$
Payment via Paypal and bitcoin only.

Please wait for 24hrs after sending pm.

*All Terms and conditions of freedomain.club application and admin please move it to different section if this is not allowed here.

Thanks Smile
Please edit to conform to Marketplace guidelines. Thank you.
Happy to help. PM me or use the Shoutbox to get my attention!
[ Retired Staff. ]
(08-23-2015, 01:18 AM)ishands Wrote: Please edit to conform to Marketplace guidelines. Thank you.

Please explain what i have to edit to market place selling section.I am new here so explain it in few more words can i sell stuffs or software in marketplace.
These are the guidelines he is referring to. To summarize, you need to add:
in the body:
Quote:Sale threads must have an asking price / minimum price for each and every service / item offered.
You are unclear as to how much credit / price you are selling.
and in your title:
Quote:Clearly state your payment method. (Do NOT use terms such as peepee, paypay, dat cash etc)
this is also unclear.
Questions, Comments, or Suggestions? PM me
These are the rules Please read them.
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