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Points <-> PayPal

I will offer Points to PayPal and PayPal to Points.

I don't have a price yet. Just contact me through PM.

A few rules:
- I am allowed to reject every offer, until deal is made!
- I don't have to deal with people I don't trust.

Note for Admin: if this is not allowed, please just close it and tell me.

Kind Regards,
I'm Rick, programmer and Linux addict.
Hi Rick, I know you don't have everything laid out yet but could you explain a little more clearly what you are offering? Also explain any refund policy (or state no refunds). Just make sure your thread conforms to the marketplace guidelines (stickied in this forum).
Questions, Comments, or Suggestions? PM me
These are the rules Please read them.
My tip jar: 1FqukbmrZf2EnnKYf3BkioWTYysqnynFWy
You should write the scale sir. How much point for 1$ paypal. It is good idea i think

I am the only one that can do this. Points can not be exchanged to other members for real money.

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