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Full Version: Get a free Windows / Linux VPS 6 months-> 2GB RAM - 3,7 GHz - 20GB SSD - 1gbps
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Get 15$ credit to try RunAbove Cloud VPS for 6 months– Affordable AMAZON AWS Alternative – Starting from 2.5$/month


These VPS servers are really powerfull …and they are owned by OVH, a company with several datacenters all over the world in 8 countries…Tutorial Given below….Enjoy…!!!!

Speed test from my own vps to show how powerfull is that 1gbps connection:

[Image: 4044164833.png]

At first:
If you want to scam this website or don’t enter legit information when you register, or use a hacked PayPal or a vcc which is not yours, go away, there is no need for you to register because you will not even be able to launch your vps because you will get blocked automaticaly. They have a very good and very strict verification system. Only register if you are willing to give them your legit information.

– Valid CC or verified PayPal account [For Verification only No Money will be charged]
– Valid phone number

[Image: 1e9a167b84501ef74393bf0e373cb7a7.png]

If you are ok with the above…Proceed

How to avoid the “authentification failed” error aka “You are banned” or “Your account is locked”
– Use your real information!
– Your name must match the name on your PayPal or credit card
– Your credit card must be from your country. If you are from India and register with a vcc from bancore (which is US i think) you will get blocked. If you are from England and register a vcc which is from Pakistan, you will get blocked! You need a valic vcc which matches your country!
– Don’t use proxies or VPN
– Dont register more than 1 account! They both will be blocked then! They don’t allow multiaccounting

2GB ram
1 core Intel Xeon 3,7Ghz
1gps Connection

[Image: intel-logo.png]

Steps to get your 15$ credit for free!

1. Go to this website: Get 10$ free credit - RunAbove
2. After you have registered, login with the same credentials you used above here to receive another 5$ : Get 5$ free credit - RunAbove
{Click on Connect the hoses and add payment method to enable your control panel [Verification Purposes] }
3. Go to Instances / Add an instance
4. Choose your location as Europe [ SBG-1 ]
5. Choose Sandbox M
6. Create your instance
7. In the top right corner click on your mail and choose Expert Mode
8. Go to “Access & Security”
9. On the left side, choose your region where you created your instance
10. On “default” click on “Edit rules”
11. Click “Add rule”
12. Just add port 3389 in the port field and click add
13. Now click on your name in the top right corner and chose “simple mode” again
14. Go to “Instance” and click on “Open a remote access”
15. Follow the installation steps
16. After the setup is complete, in the Server Manager, click on Local Server
17. Enable Remote Desktop connection
18. Disable IE Enhanced Security Configuration
19.Go to Firewall in vps and add rule to allow Remote Desktop for Public Access
20. Now you can connect to your VPS via RDP and make anything you want!

Finally you have 15$ credit which equals to 6 vps cost 2.5$/month

Here is a screnshoot of my own windows vps throught Remote Desktop:

[Image: 2c40129ed620648b139b5f32990f59d3.png]

And finally a photo of OVH datacenter where your vps will be soon Smile
(They have liquid cooling on all the servers, how cool is that!)

[Image: ovh-servers-BHS.jpg]
Not work with me
Its free, but you need to like add an Credit Card number to it to work..

So most of us can't do that, because we don't have one..
(01-17-2015, 10:43 AM)EG4Ever Wrote: [ -> ]Not work with me

Please tell me what is the problem and I can help you, a lot of friends already got their free vps without issues

(01-17-2015, 03:02 PM)alexandre113 Wrote: [ -> ]Its free, but you need to like add an Credit Card number to it to work..

So most of us can't do that, because we don't have one..

You can validate your account with just a Paypal verified account, like I did.
Will a virtual credit card work here?
can i get it from India ?
(02-10-2015, 12:07 AM)fireman Wrote: [ -> ]Will a virtual credit card work here?

A friend of mine did it with a virtual credit card and he didn't get suspended so yea. The virtual credit card needs to be from the same country you live in.

(03-07-2015, 12:14 PM)dibyendu345 Wrote: [ -> ]can i get it from India ?

Of course no problem
And the trial isn't 6 month, but 7 days.
(03-22-2015, 11:56 AM)alexandre113 Wrote: [ -> ]And the trial isn't 6 month, but 7 days.

If you read the post you know that you will get $15 to pay the vps for 6 months
Sorry, my mistake.

I saw another thing. And I couldn't access the VPS with RDP, and I did all the things that u mencioned but I couldn't..
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