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Full Version: Zpanel on freevps
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Can I install zpanel on freevps club vps?
Can I give some space of freevps club vps to my friends?
Welcome to Free VPS Club! Any usage is welcome on the free VPSs as long as it follows the TOS and AUP of the provider and that the usage of the container is for personal or non-commercial purposes. Your welcome to give your friends access to the container, but remember that all usage under that container is the sole responsibility of you. Once you have completed 30 posts, you can apply for a VPS so good luck!
That is a good thing you can do to easily control the VPS with minimum knowledge of linux commands. But not sure how much CPU usage and RAM and Banwidth would it consume. But you can do that I guess.
I don't think allows you to share your space , but you may install zpanel , if you want your friend to get vos say him to sign up here and follow rules and he will get vos for free . But until admin says anything it's in possible to predict !

Better Ask Admins

Sorry for English
Yes you can use any control panel to your container but it's not possible to make more shares of your limited vps. if you like to make more user then go for dedicated vps server.
The creators of zpanel sold the panel to Hostwinds years ago. So it's a proprietary panel that Hostwinds is now managing for its own users only. The zpanel script that may be freely in circulation still hasn't been updated in a very long time and it won't be a good idea to use it.

Since this thread is about zpanel am closing it since it is no longer a panel that should be used.