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Hello there!

Are you looking for a Free Game Server "or" Free Shared Hosting? Well you are at the right place.

AlphaHost is again providing free services! "Totally Free"

What we are providing right now?

  1. Free Game Servers.
  2. Free Shared Hosting.
What does  Game Servers Include? 

  1. Game Panel
  2. Upto 50 Slots
  3. Multi Theft Auto , Counter Strike 1.6 & San Andreas Multiplayer!
  4. Hosted on premium nodes & Two Locations!
  5. Lag free servers!
What does Shared Hosting Include?

  1. cPanel.
  2. Cloudlinux servers.
  3. Free SSL Certificates.
  4. Free daily backups!
  5. UPTO 5GB Disk Space!
What you have to do to get these?

What you have to do keep your server alive? 

  1. You have to do 10 monthly post!
Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) : 
  • What will happen if i forgot to do posting?
Answer : Your server will be deleted without any backup.
  • Am i allowed to apply for both services?
Answer: Yes, you are allowed to apply for both services!

Links :

Terms Of Service : ToS
Privacy Policy : Privacy Policy

If you are interested in being moderator please do let me know.

If you willing to donate please let me know, Even a penny will go straight of development of the forum!

Thank you!
Have a good day!
You used to unfortunately be an admin here and you can't seem to post in the right forum.