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I see every day so many people here make posts where advertising for other Post4Host Protale be made. However, I wonder why I find best so far. a semi-automatic ordering system not like other where you have to write only an email to the admin and so a shit and besides, it is fast, reliable no downtime and anonymous. I do not think that you really should go to other portals as Moreover, they also provide more free domains?

So why change if one is happy here?
(09-28-2016, 11:09 AM)KyoroLive Wrote: [ -> ]So why change if one is happy here?

The simple human curiosity is... Also, the other sites are very useful to claim what you say, no ? By the way, any monopoly is not perfect to customers. So, many reasons are already here !
Humans want to get more and more. I think that FreeDomain.Club is best site because it have VPS "buy" "bot". As you wrote, on other sites you must send private messages to admin, say what you want to do with your VPS etc. On FDC you must only click one button and if you have $50 VPS is yours for 1 month. Regards, Alex.
Alex, really? Not a long time ago, like a month or two ago you told me that you prefer semi-free or more like free-trial solutions because of higher hard drive capacity.. heh
I personally don't know any other site that really gives you a VPS in a long term - when i first joined fdc i was worried that it can disappear any second, but that's like my fourth or fifth month of using the service and I'm super happy about it.
Anyway, FDC is the best way just to try an OpenVZ VPS. No one is last forever, so the reserve is required too. Now I know what I can to want or ask some features while buying a paid vps. In other words: I've got the experience to compare such kind of services.  Also it's my own English language training, he-he... No more offtopic, sorry Wink
Most of the population always want more. More money, more food, more anything. So it's normal to go to other websites to get vps. Free Domain Club is a excellent website because the process of getting the VPS is automated and doesn't require me to apply for one at that website's monthly giveaway or go and msg admin and wait for the admin to help me. $50 points isn't very hard to collect if you try to post, if it just spam and spam then try to get the VPS, chances are you'll just get banned from the forums. If your interested in getting another VPS, try or has lots of happy clients but I'm not very sure of, I heard of very bad reviews from others and they want you to apply to get on the website itself. If your trying to get another VPS, good luck! Smile