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Full Version: Free Premium OpenVPN Service
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There is a site which i prefer using

The best part of it is it has great VPN speeds that too for free of cost. The catch is however you have to create a username and password for each server which is valid for 5 days after which you again have to create another username and password.

In addition, they have VPN for torrents as well as suited for browsing that too from multiple locations. I have found this VPN service better than in my opinion as the connection seemed more reliable to me.


-Hong Kong


-United States

They Have VPN servers for torrenting as well, which is hosted in france.

Apart from that, they have SSH tunnels along with squid proxy servers as well. I personally use this service very often.  

Feel free to share your opinion.
What's the speed ? Because i find mostly the VPN with the lower speed i use which i don't like . I just want VPN same as my speed of more then that because it will be apropiate for me to do security researches ....
I also suggest you BestVPNSSH (, it provides fast and free SSH for tunneling and OpenVPN, from a lot of regions too.