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Full Version: [SCAM] Free VPS: HardcoreVPS
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I found hardcorevps at http://censored, they claim to offer free Linux vps?
I figured i'd share it since many people here may be interested.
Seems legit to me.

edit: i guess its scam, i need another av, and need to get this malware crap outnow
edit 2: i inspected the download further, it doesnt seem to do anything with the info you enter
Have you used their free vps service ? I noticed they don't offer a static IPv4 so its natted I guess.

Static IPv4 No
Disk 50GB
OS Linux Debian

I didn't understand the whole Tor business there. I was sleepy should read again.
I used that, but. After using it asked for my email and full name. I gave it, then it said I should receive a mail within 7 days. Next time I start PC I see some background procceses running one of them tor.exe. So to prevent risk of phishing I terminated the Process and then deleted the whole folder of the file. Which is C:Users/(Your user)/Appdata/Roaming/winnix, and another C:Users/(Your user)/Appdata/Roaming/tor, I deleted them both. So now I am risk-free to phishing Big Grin (P.S: Idk if the injected phishing file into the file, I just deleted them for my own satisfaction )
This may not be phishy, but it sure does seem so. I wouldn't even trust it.
I opened this website but my avast reported is as virus, i think it's a scam/phising or something like that i wouldn't trust that website and also for what reason they would give you 1gb free vps? nothing is free, nothing, don't forget it.
So it is a malware or virus injected file after all. True why would they. Thank god I deleted all the files. This Is A WARNING TO EVERYONE, DON'T DOWNLOAD THE FILE.... Or else you might be risking your Personal Info's.
You might want to check that your PC is virus free at Please also deactivate the link so people can't click on it.
The original post has been edited and thread closed. No point of discussing it further.
It seems like a scam, I once tried using that website long ago and had no luck, my suspicion is that it's a fake website trying to get you to download their rat.