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Full Version: Free VPS [BETA]
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There is a site I found that gives free VPSes.

There are a lot:

They are all tested and working, so make sure you have a lot of fun  Big Grin
We already have a stickied thread with what free VPS providers are real or not. Please reply to that instead of making a duplicate.
Scáth, where is the other thread discussing these VPSses?
It's stickied at the top of this forum:
Could you provide free vps offer pages of these providers except for ?? Because I couldn't find any. I really doubt provide anything since it looks like there is a huge waiting list.
Multiple users have stated that cloudrino does in fact deliver, just takes some time :p
Digitalocean allows you to earn credit by writing articles for them, but that isn't the same as a free VPS.
@Scath : Their 1000+ long waiting list is what bothers me. How they will manage to give one for everyone who has applied. I remember there were scams where they would promo heavy and then give vps randomly to few people so these people would go saying we got it.

I don't think we can take Digitalocean method as a free offer.

After all still there are only 4 places where you can get a vps without all this hassle. This Three Ask Me To Link Credit Card

and From i didn't Receiving otp
Quote:but that isn't the same as a free VPS.
Clouderino requires playing a referral game to get to the top of the list. I agree that there is no way they will give out one to everyone.
I have sended my request to cloudrino, but it seems it gonna take a long time to get me the vps.
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