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Full Version: How to Apply for a VPS
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How to Apply for a VPS - coreyman

Before you apply:

Make sure that you meet the VPS requirements first:

1. You have 30 posts or more
2. You have a 0% warning level.

Requirements to keep your VPS

1. 15 posts or higher monthly
2. Keep your warning level low.
3. Follow sponsor's terms of service.

How to Apply

When you have met our minimum requirements for a VPS (30 posts and a 0% warning level), you can request a VPS by doing the following:

Create a thread on VPS Requests section with the following title:

your username - VPS you're requesting which is available in the giveaway - your post count


Jayce - VPS 1 - 53

You can request multiple VPS at a time, but you will get only 1 from which you applied, example:

Jayce - VPS 1 or VPS 2 or VPS 3 - 53

This means you're applying for either VPS 1, 2, or 3. 

You will have to fill out this form and use it as the content of your thread:

First Name: 
Last Name:    

Address 1: 
Address 2: 
Phone Number: 

Planned VPS Usage: 
Extra Notes: 



First Name: John
Last Name: Smith

Address 1: 208 Manhattan St. 
Address 2: 
City: Auburndale
State/Region: Florida
Postcode: 33823
Country: United States
Phone Number: +1 241 555 6146

Planned VPS Usage: I'll host a personal website.
Extra Notes: None.