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Forum Announcement: Frequently Asked Questions
General FAQ:

Q: How do I get free vps?
A: Post on the forum! Virtual private servers are obtained in exchange for posts. If you have reached our minimum requirements for a VPS, wait for the VPS Requests forum to open and then request a VPS.

Q: What's the monthly requirements to keep a VPS?
A: You have to do 15 posts per month, follow our club rules, and the additional requirements (If there's any).

Q: What's the minimum requirements to request a VPS?
A: You should have at least 30 posts and %0 warning level before you request a VPS.

Q: How long does the VPS last?
A: VPS will be yours as long as you're following our Forum Rules.

Q: How can I renew my vps?
A: VPS will renew automatically 30 days from your order date if you have completed the monthly requirements. Otherwise, VPS will be terminated.

Q: What are the VPS specs?
A: Please check our VPS Specifications thread. (TBA)

Q: My VPS was terminated, why?
A: The VPS gets terminated due to violation of our forum rules, or sponsor's terms of service. 

Q: Can I cancel my VPS?
A: You can cancel your vps anytime if you have a valid reason.

Q: What are the Acceptable Content rules?
A: Don't post illegal content, don't spam and stay cool. You might also want to read our forum rules here.